One of our services is network security services.

Network and information security is always a major concern for corporate executives and organizations.

Today, with the advent of the Internet and its use more than before, the risk of data loss or data theft is more than before.

Our company provides network security services to the employers at the highest possible level with knowledge of the day.

You can see our security services below:

Design services:

Understand existing network security equipment
Identifying and determining the technical and non technical requirements of the employer in order to maintain network security
Network infrastructure design, LAN, WAN, DMZ, Server Farm and Internet
Design and define security policies related to network and security services
Designing IP / IDS devices to detect and prevent network attacks
Setting up integrated event gathering centers and security events
Designing a Safe Platform for Users of Internet Access on Enterprise Networks
Designing Safe Infrastructure to Prevent Unauthorized Access to Network Resources
Designing monitoring and auditing systems for users to use network resources
Estimate network capacity and offer to choose the Firewall, UTM and IPS equipment accordingly

Implementation services:

Implementation of network security equipment includes firewall and IPS and IDS
Installation, adjustment and tuning of UTM, IPS, and IDS equipment
Installing, launching and tuning Sophos equipment in creating secure web servers
Implementing remote access solutions includes client-based VPN and SSL VPN
Establishing secure IPsec-based communications platform
Provide Reporting Services and Network Forensic in Emergency Situations with Analysis and Reporting
Test the strength and use of network security equipment
Provide security checklist and increase the efficiency of network security equipment
Design and set up network traffic monitoring and analysis


Optimize the security architecture of the network equipment
Review and optimize security settings including Firewall, IPS / IDS and UTM
Feasibility and review of security policies and security equipment
Reinforcing the network security infrastructure
Network Traffic Security Analysis

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